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10 Tricks to Secure a Great Car Deal with Inspection

Top 10 tricks to get good Deal on used Cars

Looking for a good deal on used cars? 

Quick answer: Pre-purchase inspection is one of the best ways to get a good deal on used cars. 

Searching for a used car involves more than just bargaining for the right price; it’s about making sure your investment is reliable and will stand the test of time. 

In the Australian used car market, about three million units are sold annually, a figure supported by US auto analysts at Manheim. Within these statistics, some buyers secure exceptional deals, while others may end up with a less-than-ideal purchase. That’s precisely why we’re here—to equip you with unparalleled negotiation insights.

Having a thorough inspection report puts you in control during negotiations. It helps clear up any doubts or confusion between what you, the buyer, need, and what the seller is expecting. It’s like having a roadmap for a smoother discussion.

Why Checking the Car Matters

When you’re considering purchasing a used car, having a skilled mechanic conduct a thorough inspection is crucial. It’s one of the most effective ways to ensure you’re getting a good deal on a used car. This inspection can unveil any hidden issues or potential problems, aiding you in determining whether the car is a worthwhile investment.

Plus, having a detailed report from the inspection can give you an upper hand during the price negotiation.

This examination covers various critical inspection checklists of the vehicle, including:

  • Engine and Mechanical Components
  • Electrical Systems
  • Tires and Suspension
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Undercarriage

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Using the Inspection Report to Your Advantage

With a used car inspection report in hand, you can show the seller any problems that need fixing. This gives you good reasons to ask for a lower price, to cover these issues. 

The inspection report contains a wealth of information about the car’s condition. Some key results you can leverage during negotiation include:

Engine and Mechanical Issues:

The pre purchase car inspection report really looks closely at the engine and mechanical parts. If it finds any problems there—like engine troubles, issues with gears, brakes, or suspension—that’s something to talk about. 

You can use these findings to discuss a lower price or ask the seller to sort them out before finalising the deal. It’s a way to save yourself from potentially having to pay a lot for repairs later on.

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Electrical Problems:

The inspection thoroughly checks the car’s electrical systems—things like the battery, lights, alternator, and other electronic stuff. If it points out any electrical problems, you can use this to discuss a better price. 

Electrical fixes can be expensive, so having a chat about a lower cost makes sense. By bringing these points up during the conversation, you might just get a more budget-friendly deal.

Tire and Suspension Condition:

During the inspection, it’s not just about the fancy bits—the tires and suspension get a good look too. If the report suggests that these areas need some care, it’s your chance to discuss it. Sorting out tires and suspension can add up in terms of costs. 

Using this information in your negotiation gives you the chance to ask for a more budget-friendly deal—either by reducing the price or by having the seller take care of these matters before you make the decision.

Interior and Exterior Condition:

The inspection isn’t just about what’s under the bonnet—it’s about how the car looks and feels too. It takes a good look inside and out. If the report points out issues—like seats that have seen better days, dings, or other style or function problems—you can use this to discuss a lower price. 

After all, you might need to spend a bit on fixes or sprucing up the car. Mentioning these things during negotiations can help you get a better deal that fits your budget.

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Negotiation Trick 1: Requesting Repairs

When the inspection report points out repairs that are needed, it’s a good idea to ask the seller to sort these out before you finalise the deal. Not only does this help you avoid shelling out for fixes after you’ve bought the car, but it also guarantees that you’re getting a car that works well.

You can also suggest that the cost of these repairs be taken off the purchase price. This way, you’re using it as a way to haggle and potentially reduce the overall cost. It’s a fair request and can be a win-win for both parties.

Negotiation Trick 2: Negotiating the Purchase Price

Having a good understanding of the repairs flagged in the inspection report gives you the tools to discuss the purchase price. If the report brings to light major repairs that the seller didn’t mention, you have a solid reason to negotiate for a lower price.

Even minor repairs can be your bargaining chips for a reduced purchase price. After all, these fixes will mean extra spending post-purchase.

Negotiation Trick 3: Requesting a Warranty or Guarantee

When the inspection flags major issues, using this as a reason to ask for a warranty or guarantee is a savvy move in negotiations. This ensures you’re safeguarded from unforeseen costs that might pop up due to these problems after the purchase.

Getting a warranty adds an extra layer of peace of mind and highlights your careful approach as a buyer. It’s a way of saying, “I’m looking out for my investment,” which can work in your favor during negotiations.

Negotiation Trick 4: Stipulating Contingencies Based on Inspection Results

Offer to include specific contingencies in the sale contract based on the pre-purchase inspection results. For instance, propose that the deal is contingent on certain repairs being completed or the seller addressing any issues found during the inspection.

This can give you more assurance and negotiation power, ensuring the vehicle meets your standards before finalising the purchase.

Negotiation Trick 5: Discussing Post-Purchase Inspection

Propose the idea of a post-purchase inspection as part of the negotiation. If the inspection report uncovers minor concerns, suggesting a follow-up inspection once you’ve made the purchase can be a reassurance for both parties. This displays your commitment to a fair deal and ensures transparency.

Negotiation Trick 6: Leveraging Vehicle History

If the car’s history report is available and shows any past accidents, repairs, or maintenance, you can use this information in your negotiation. 

It can be a basis for discussing a lower price, particularly if there were significant repairs or accidents that might have a lasting impact on the vehicle’s performance or value.

Negotiation Trick 7: Suggesting a Joint Inspection

Propose a joint inspection with the seller present, where both parties can go over the inspection report and vehicle condition together. 

This transparent approach allows for open discussion and negotiation about the necessary repairs, their impact on the price, or potential adjustments in the deal based on the findings. It fosters a sense of collaboration and fairness in the negotiation process.

Negotiation Trick 8: Leveraging Detailed Maintenance Records

If the pre-purchase inspection report reveals a well-maintained vehicle with comprehensive maintenance records, use this as leverage in negotiations. 

Highlighting the care and upkeep of the car can demonstrate its value and provide a strong argument for maintaining the asking price or negotiating a more favourable deal.

Negotiation Trick 9: Presenting Future Value Investments

If the inspection report identifies areas for potential future improvements or upgrades that could enhance the vehicle’s value, mention these during negotiations. 

Emphasize that you’re considering these enhancements and use them as a basis to negotiate a reduced price, ensuring you account for these potential investments.

Negotiation Trick 10: Discussing Immediate Purchase and Quick Deal Closure

Expressing a keen interest in finalising the deal swiftly, especially after a favourable inspection report, can be an effective negotiation tactic. 

Sellers often appreciate a quick and straightforward transaction. Use this eagerness to your advantage and negotiate a better price or additional perks in return for a speedy, hassle-free sale.

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