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What is a Pre Purchase Car Inspection?

Buying a car is an exciting experience but it’s not something you should rush. It is getting more and more expensive to purchase second-hand vehicles, and with that in mind, you want to be sure you’re spending your money wisely. According to the data as of 2017,  more than one in two used car sellers have knowingly sold vehicles with serious damage, owing a serious loss to the buyers. 

What you might think is a bargain could have hidden problems that only arise once you’ve purchased the car. A pre-purchase car inspection helps avoid future problems by ensuring the vehicle is safe and mechanically sound before you buy it. 

What is a car inspection?

Before buying a car, it’s essential to get a pre-purchase car inspection. It’s like giving the car a thorough check-up to make sure it’s in good shape and safe to drive. Imagine taking the car to a doctor to make sure it’s healthy! During this inspection, we look at many things, including:

Checking the Outside and Inside: 

We examine the car’s body and its insides, like the seats and dashboard, to see if everything looks good and well-maintained.

Making Sure It’s Safe to Drive: 

We test important things that keep the car safe on the road, like how it drives, how well it stops when you press the brakes, and if the steering works properly.

Testing All the Lights:

We check if all the lights, such as the headlights, taillights, and turn signals, are working. Lights are essential for driving safely, especially at night.

Looking at the Electrical Stuff: 

We make sure all the electrical systems are doing their job, like the radio, air conditioning, and power windows. If they don’t work, it can be frustrating and costly to fix.

Verifying Ownership and PPSR Check: 

We also perform a PPSR (Personal Property Securities Register) check to confirm that the seller is the rightful owner of the car. This step ensures that you won’t encounter any legal issues later on and gives you added peace of mind before making your purchase.

Remember, getting a pre-purchase car inspection is a smart move because it helps you avoid buying a car that might have hidden problems. It’s like getting a second opinion before making a big decision. This way, you can feel more confident about your purchase and enjoy a safe and trouble-free ride!

Do you need a car inspection?

It only makes sense to have a certified mechanic inspect your next car before making the purchase. The pre-purchase inspection is a thorough review of the vehicle’s reliability, safety status, and roadworthiness. It will also provide you with information about any major issues that may be present with the car which will allow you to make an informed decision when purchasing used cars.

All this information provided by expert mechanics can help save you money in the long run because it allows you to negotiate on price or negotiate for repairs. We can also search the history of your vehicle so you know a bit more about its background. It could be a well-maintained vehicle, but if it’s changed a lot of hands or has been reported stolen, you’ll want to know. 

What does a pre-purchase car inspection include?

Engine, transmission, and drivetrain

Brakes and suspension

Car Brake Check

Electrical system

Body and paint

Exterior Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection

Interior (including seats)

Tires and wheels (including spare tire)

Car Tyre Check

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend that you book a pre-purchase vehicle inspection if you are serious about buying a car. You want to be sure that you know what you are buying, and how much money you’ll be spending now and in the future. You will also get peace of mind knowing that an expert has looked at your future investment. 

If you are looking for pre-purchase car inspection in Sydney, contact us on 02 8999 5372. We have a team of certified mechanics working throughout Sydney, and we operate most days of the week including the weekend. Contact us today!




George is the director and chief mechanic/inspector at GPS Vehicle Inspections in Sydney, guiding a seasoned team of mechanics in ensuring used car buyers are well informed. With a rich 25-year legacy, George's crew meticulously evaluates a range of cars, from standard to prestige and electric cars, using cutting-edge diagnostic tools. Their mission? Shielding clients from poor car investments through exhaustive, dependable inspections.

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