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Pre Purchase Car Inspection Sydney

GPS Vehicle Inspections is Sydney’s trusted and reliable
pre-purchase car inspections service. We are independent
Car Inspectors With over 25 years in the business, we know
what to look for when it comes to second-hand cars.

We Accept

We will organise a time with the seller!

No hassle of organising a time yourself

Same Day or Next Day Bookings

No Waiting for Days & Weeks

  • We will organise a time with the seller!
  • No hassle of organising a time! You can join or simply relax!
  • Mechanic with 25 Years Experience
  • No Apprentices!
  • Instant Verbal Reports & Detailed Written Reports with in 24 Hours
  • No Partnership with Sellers, Ever!
  • Same Day or Next Day Bookings
  • No Waiting for Days & Weeks
  • Buy with Confidence
  • Steer Clear of Lemons.
  • Instant Verbal Reports + Detailed Written Reports with in 24 Hours
  • No waiting for days for the reports.

We Accept

Bookings are open 24/7 via online booking form. Talk to the mechanic anytime between 8 am to 10 pm.

Save Money

Get the Full Picture

Have Peace of Mind

A Pre-Purchase car Inspection That Covers all the Bases

Are you looking to buy a used car? Worried it may have faults or damage you're unaware of?

We go through the car with a fine-toothed comb, inspecting both its interior and exterior to the engine condition and cosmetics. We also do a full PPSR check , accident history, past repairs and computer diagnostics, to make sure the vehicle is roadworthy and worth the money. If there are any areas that need repair, we’ll make sure you’re aware of them before you make a deal with the seller.

We know that a used car purchase is time sensitive. That’s why we won’t make you wait a week or more to book an inspection. Most of our car inspection in Sydney is done within 24 hours. We’ll do a quick walk-through after the inspection to give you an idea of what we found and then provide a more detailed written report the next day.

You need a qualified

Mechanic that knows how to detect damage before you pay for a vehicle.

With over 25 years of industry experience guiding Sydney car buyers towards the right investment. We hate seeing people get ripped off. Our team of expert vehicle inspectors will provide you with a comprehensive, easy to understand report, detailing every fault or issue that’s detectable.

You should be able to buy a second-hand car with peace of mind knowing you’ve made the right investment.

This is what we do at GPS Vehicle Inspections. The principle goal to which we adhere is to relieve our customers from extreme confusion by enabling them to make an informed decision.

Our Process is

Completed in 24 Hours or Less


Click 'Book an Inspection' Now

Fill in the form. Choose a day and time of your choice. It only takes a few minutes.


We Handle the Inspection

The only thing we need is access to the car from the seller and our expert inspector will handle the rest.


Check Your Inbox

You’ll have a detailed, easy to understand report highlighting any issues or concerns with the vehicle. Most importantly, you’ll have peace of mind.

A Pre-Purchase Car Inspection That Covers all the Bases

Our Report is Different

A GPS vehicle inspection report can be a powerful tool for proving the condition of a vehicle at the time of sale. This type of report provides an objective and detailed evaluation of the vehicle, including its exterior, interior, and mechanical components. The information contained in a GPS vehicle inspection report can serve as a solid burden of proof in the event of a dispute over the condition of the vehicle or the return of a deposit. With its impartial assessment of the vehicle, a GPS inspection report can provide valuable evidence for both the buyer and the seller. It can help to ensure that the transaction is fair and that the rights of both parties are protected.

That’s why we offer the most comprehensive report on the market.

On the Spot Verbal Report + Detailed Written Report (Images + Video) + PPSR ( Car History Report) Delivered with in 24 Hours

Some of our competitors may exclude reporting for issues that can cause you a headache after purchasing.

We only use the latest equipment, the best inspectors, backed by the most thorough report.

Why You Should Trust us

With Your Next Pre Purchase Car Inspections

Why You Should Trust us

Our Partners

Would you buy

a house without getting a building inspection first?

After buying a home a vehicle is the second biggest life investment you’ll make.
Get peace of mind and have your pre purchase car inspection completed in less than 24 hours by one of our expert Inspectors.

Ways GPS pre-purchase car inspection sydney

Can Save You Money, Time and Keep You Safe

Pre-Purchase Car

Inspection FAQ's

You can technically buy a car without getting a pre-purchase vehicle inspection but we strongly recommend against it. An inspection ensures you’re aware of any damage that can’t be seen visually, ensuring it’s roadworthy, safe and more.

If you’re thinking of skipping this step, consider how much you could be down in repairs after purchasing if the vehicle has faults. A few hundred dollars spent now could save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars down the line.

We don’t recommend it. It’s taken our team years to properly learn how to conduct our inspections and confidently tell our customers the condition of the car they are interested in purchasing. Our team knows what to look for during pre purchase inspection

We also have access to industry-standard tools such as scanners that can detect engine faults.

We recommend it. It’s the best way to give your customers peace of mind and assure them the vehicle is already roadworthy, as well as have official documentation to support the asking price of your vehicle.
You do not have to be there. We just need access to the vehicle from the seller.
A good inspection takes at least an hour and shouldn’t be rushed. This ensures our inspector can run through the relevant checks and assess if the vehicle is fit for the road and selling.

We conduct inspections on a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from standard to electric, covering all types in between.

Google Reviews

Thomas FarrandThomas Farrand
06:52 19 Sep 23
I live in Perth and needed someone to look over a 2017 GLE63S in Sydney. I rang a few places and found GPS Vehicle inspections to be competitive on price, fit the inspection in within a day or two of me calling and found the report to be very detailed and the communication was 10/10! Extremely happy with the service and I would 100% recommend. Give George a call if you need an inspection carried out by technicians you can trust.
Chris MooneyChris Mooney
21:05 17 Sep 23
Thoroughly recommend the team at GPS to anyone. Both the seller and I were impressed with the boys’ professionalism and thorough job. Best experience buying a used car I’ve ever had, wouldn’t hesitate to use George and the team again.
Bradley JansenBradley Jansen
11:54 10 Sep 23
Inspection was so much more than I expected .... detail put into report videos etc was second too none.. follow up phone call straight after inspection was professional and mechanical advice given was exceptional... don't go past this company and after this type of service I will never buy a car without an inspection again!!
Isaac HatzIsaac Hatz
05:46 10 Sep 23
George did a pre purchase inspection on a car I was looking at in katoomba and did an amazing job. It needed to be inspected quickly and George contacted the seller straight away and fit us in. He did a very thorough inspection with recommendations that were rectified by the seller enabling a good purchase. Straight after the inspection he even called to discuss the car and sent the report later the same day. I live pretty far from the car so I couldn’t go see it and the report was if I was there myself. Thank you GPS.
Eamonn BrowningEamonn Browning
11:50 08 Sep 23
Absolutely incredible. Loved working with this group. Incredibly professional and down to earth. Made things super easy by contacting the dealer directly rather than myself being the middle man yet made sure I was informed for every step. They are incredibly detailed in their work and very nice about any sudden changes. Gives really great suggestions and inspections at the highest quality. Will use again for the future and I cannot suggest enough how badly others should use this company.
Steve BewickeSteve Bewicke
21:34 07 Sep 23
Couldn’t recommend George and his team enough. After being mucked around by NRMA for a week after paying them and still not getting the inspection. I called George on a Saturday and he answered and had the inspection booked in on Monday. Also sent me helpful links on imported vehicles.The mechanic (Michael) called me straight after the inspection and gave me a thorough verbal report and his opinion.I was very close to buying this car sight unseen after being kicked around by the others but looks like my $300 spent with GPS saved me thousands and lots of headaches with a car that had many issues.Thanks again George and Michael.
I ForgotI Forgot
12:44 29 Aug 23
George is a great guy and was very quick to contact the seller to get the inspection ASAP. Provided an in-depth report with high res photos and videos, tests and a summary. Called me right after the inspection was finished to talk about important points. I am incredibly surprised at how time-efficient the whole process was, I ordered the inspection, received the inspection and the report all in one day! I live far away from where the car was being sold, so I could not inspect for myself and George did the perfect job in inspecting all aspects of the car. I was given peace of mind that I was making the right decision and can buy my car without looking back or any surprises. Will definitely use again in the future, and will also recommend to others. Very glad I chose GPS vehicle inspections over other services and could not be happier.Cheers
Trevor OslingTrevor Osling
09:42 12 Aug 23
This is a great service. The communication was great and very clear. The report itself was very thorough. Lots of photos and video. I received a call as soon as the inspection was finished to go over the key points of the report and the written report was emailed to me 4 or 5 hours after the inspection was done. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this company or use them again.
Michelle BirchellMichelle Birchell
04:00 02 Oct 22
Extremely happy with the quick service for my inspection the guy was extremely helpful & definitely made me feel more at ease with purchasing this car.His name is George & I would fully recommend him to anyone wanting Peace of mind before they purchase their car.Thanks 🙏 so much
Harry ShainHarry Shain
01:01 13 Aug 22
Very great service and gave me a full detailed report on email the next day, very pleased with the service from this company
Dominic EatonDominic Eaton
22:29 21 May 22
This is my first time using a service like this but I found George very thorough. I was amazed at the extent of effort and time that he put into the inspection and he also kept in touch throughout the whole ordeal.George was that thorough that he had detected a fair few issues that as a result stopped me from buying the car and saved me a lot of money in repair bills.It’s a buyer beware world out there and you definitely need someone like George..👍
Basheer VP (basheer)Basheer VP (basheer)
21:21 04 May 22
Need your car inspected ? George is the man 👨 He does a thorough inspection and provide a detailed report with more than 150 photos or so. The best in Sydney for all pre purchase inspection service.
Kevin TKevin T
06:27 22 Feb 22
George is a highly experienced mechanic who inspects places where no one would ever think to look. From start to finish, George maintained strong communication cadence and was transparent with any findings about the vehicle. The price to pay is so small for peace of mind and the cost savings George can give you down the line.



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