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The Cost of Pre Purchase Car Inspection – Explained

Are you thinking about purchasing a used car? One essential step you shouldn’t overlook is getting the car inspected before sealing the deal. 

We are an independent used car inspection service based in Sydney, that specialises in checking out different types of used cars before you buy them.

Let’s look at our cost breakdown for inspections designed for different vehicle categories.

We highly recommend utilising our convenient online booking feature to accurately estimate the pre-purchase vehicle inspection cost. It’s tailored to offer precise pricing for each distinct type of vehicle inspection.

Standard Vehicle Inspections

For regular or standard cars, our inspection usually costs $299, covering vital components like the engine, transmission, brakes, and more.

What’s included:

  • Engine performance evaluation
  • Transmission and gear functionality review
  • Brake system evaluation
  • Inspection of tire condition
  • Examination of electrical components’ functionality and overall health
  • Assessment of steering system functionality
  • Review of fluid levels and conditions
  • Analysis of exhaust system health and emissions
  • Checking for potential signs of corrosion or rust
  • Examination of the vehicle’s cooling and heating systems
  • Assessment of suspension components and system functionality
  • Evaluation of the vehicle’s chassis and undercarriage condition
  • Checking the condition and integrity of the body frame
  • Examination of the drivetrain system and its operation
  • Assessment of the vehicle’s interior functionalities, including lights, gauges, and controls
  • Review of the vehicle’s history and service records for potential issues or discrepancies
  • Analysis of the overall wear and tear on the vehicle’s components
  • Evaluation of the vehicle’s safety systems, such as airbags and seat belts
  • Inspection of the vehicle’s cosmetic aspects, including paint and cosmetic details
  • Checking for signs of fluid leaks or seepage in various systems
  • Verification of the functionality of onboard electronics and entertainment systems

The basic examinations performed in the standard vehicle inspection are a standard part of the inspection procedure for all other vehicle categories.

SUV/People Mover Inspections 

Inspecting a used SUV or People Mover generally amounts to about $329. This examination encompasses all the crucial checks needed for this vehicle type.

What’s Included:

  • Engine performance and driving analysis
  • Evaluation of suspension and steering
  • Specific considerations for larger vehicles
  • Inspection of tires and electrical components
  • Examination of the vehicle’s towing capabilities and hitch system
  • Assessment of cargo space and storage functionality
  • Evaluation of seating and safety features in the rear and front
  • Review of towing or hauling-related components, such as trailer brakes (if applicable)
  • Analysis of the vehicle’s towing or carrying weight capacity
  • Assessment of additional accessories or functionalities designed for larger vehicles
  • Verification of specific off-road or all-terrain features, if present in the SUV or People Mover

4 Wheel Drive Inspections

Inspecting a 4WD vehicle usually costs around $339. This inspection thoroughly examines components designed for various terrains.

What’s included:

  • Assessment of the four-wheel-drive system
  • Undercarriage inspection for off-road damage
  • Evaluation of components designed for off-road driving
  • Inspection of electrical systems
  • Differential and Axle Components Assessment
  • Transfer Case Operation Check
  • Suspension Components Inspection
  • Steering Linkages Review
  • Skid Plates and Underbody Protection Verification
  • Brake System Evaluation for Off-Road Use
  • Fluid Levels and Quality Assessment
  • Off-Road Tires Inspection
  • Winch Functionality Assessment (if equipped)
  • Off-Road Lighting Review

Prestige Vehicle Inspections 

Inspections for luxury high-end cars typically cost around $389. These inspections thoroughly review the advanced technology and exclusive features in these vehicles.

What’s included:

  • Examination of high-tech features
  • Analysis of luxury component functionality
  • Review of special parts in luxury vehicles
  • Assessment of the vehicle’s history and potential issues
  • Utilisation of advanced diagnostic tools for a comprehensive inspection
  • Performance Systems Evaluation
  • Interior Comfort and Entertainment Systems Check
  • Advanced Safety System Assessment
  • Examination of High-End Material Quality
  • Detailed Exterior Cosmetic Inspection

Classic Vehicle Inspections

An inspection for classic vehicles typically comes in at $399. This inspection involves a detailed check of aged and, at times, rare vehicle parts.

What’s Included:

  • Assessment of aged car components
  • Examination of the body and frame
  • Evaluation of vintage engine functionality
  • Thorough inspection of older vehicle systems
  • Vintage Transmission Functionality Check
  • Verification of Originality
  • Rust and Corrosion Inspection
  • Assessment of Period-Correct Features
  • Review of Historical Documentation

Special Vehicle Inspections 

Special vehicle inspections, priced at $499, provide detailed inspections for unique models like vintage or modified cars, or limited editions, considering their unique qualities.

What’s Included:

  • Detailed examination of specialised vehicle components, especially in modified or limited edition cars
  • Assessment of aged components in vintage models
  • Comprehensive inspection using specialised tools
  • Evaluation of modified parts both inside and outside the vehicle
  • Performance Enhancement Assessment
  • Examination of Custom Interior Features
  • Validation of Limited Edition Features
  • Review of Aftermarket Additions
  • Analysis of Paint and Finish Quality
  • Validation of Limited Production Parts

Ensuring you make a well-informed used car purchase is vital. Our tailored used car inspections in Sydney cover various vehicle types, providing a comprehensive assessment to help you confidently select the right car for you.




George is the director and chief mechanic/inspector at GPS Vehicle Inspections in Sydney, guiding a seasoned team of mechanics in ensuring used car buyers are well informed. With a rich 25-year legacy, George's crew meticulously evaluates a range of cars, from standard to prestige and electric cars, using cutting-edge diagnostic tools. Their mission? Shielding clients from poor car investments through exhaustive, dependable inspections.

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