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We are currently at full capacity and will not be accepting new bookings until 24th of July 2024. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you soon. Thank you for your patience.
We are currently at full capacity and will not be accepting new bookings until 24th of July 2024. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you soon. Thank you for your patience.

Car Inspection Sydney

Interested in purchasing a second-hand car? Trust Sydney’s best used car inspection service to ensure you don’t make a purchase that you may regret later.

We are mobile! Covering Sydney, Wollongong and Blue Mountains Area

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  • 25 Years Exp. Mechanics
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  • Book Today, Inspect Tomorrow
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  • Inspect Your Used Car Before You Buy

    Get specific, personalised advice from trusted mechanics with 25+ years of experience. Our inspection covers EVERYTHING - from rust to interiors, from underbody to engines and service history and so much more.

  • Be Aware Of Any Hidden Problems

    Too often we see people buy cars, only to have hidden problems appear in the next 2-6 weeks. Be aware of faulty or weak parts that have already gone bust or are soon to fail.

  • Get a Personalised Phone Call From Our Mechanic

    Our mechanics will call you after the inspection and tell you what you NEED to know. Rust, interior damage, PPSR history problems - everything.

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Car Inspection Service in Sydney

Engine Check- Pre purchase car inspection in Sydney


The heart of the vehicle. We check any engine is running reliably and detect hidden defects such as combustion leaks, cracked blocks, warped heads, oil and fluid levels. We even use endoscope cameras and a stethoscope for knocks and timing issues.


Whether you’re on a family holiday or dropping off the kids at school, you need a car that’s clean, fresh and odour free. We also check the AC is working properly, radio, sat-nav, heated & electric seats, mirrors and AV system.
Underbody car inspection in Sydney

Underbody & Exhaust

We check the underbody and exhaust for any damage or signs of neglect. The exhaust system is looked at from the start of the engine to the end of the tailpipe. Our team detects rust, leaks, loose and any missing components.

Checking the body during pre purchase car inspection in Sydney


We visually inspect the wipers and panels for rust, scuffs, scratches, hail damage, dents & dings with a fine-tooth comb. Then we finish off with a paint test to detect any previously repaired work.

PPSR + Car History Report included

We’ve teamed up with Equifax to bring you a full PPSR and car history report. Includes a registration check, an estimate of market value and more. Information is pulled from an official government register under service NSW.

Road test after pre purchase car inspection in Sydney

Road Test

We put the vehicle to the test and make sure it’s fit to be on the road. We test the brakes, steering, suspension and engine are working as they should. Our Inspectors test the vehicle as if they were buying the car for their own family.

vehicle inspection before you purchase

Completed in 24 Hours or Less


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Please submit the seller’s or dealer’s details through the booking form. Once payment is made, we’ll coordinate a time with the seller and organise inspection.


We Handle the Inspection

We’ll visit the seller or dealer on the agreed-upon day and time. All we require is access to the car from the seller, and our mechanic will take care of the rest.


You Get the report

You’ll receive an immediate verbal report from the mechanic post-inspection, along with a comprehensive report featuring HD images and videos within 24 hours.

Vehicle Types & Inspection Rates

 GPS Vehicle Inspections offers different pricing options depending on the type and make of your vehicle. We’ve organised all the pricing information into a simple table here. Take a look and find out the cost of pre-purchase car inspection.

Vehicle Type Price
Standard $299
SUV/People Mover $329
4 Wheel Drive $339
Prestige $389
Classic $399
Special Vehicle $499
Verbal Onsite Report (Standard Vehicles Only) $269

Pre Purchase Inspection Explained



make an informed used car purchase

Our experienced inspectors leave no stone unturned, Precisely examining every key aspect of your car's condition, ensuring thoroughness and reliability you can trust. Includes Free History Check and PPSR Report

We Inspect

all standard, prestige & 4WD cars

Why You Should

Get a CAr Inspection Before You Buy?

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Dont' get stuck with Car THAT'S NOT FIT FOR THE ROAD.

Get your pre purchase Inspection DONE today!

We know how it feels to spend years saving up for the car you want. Not to mention countless hours researching. You’ve made up your mind and settled on something that’s safe, reliable and affordable. Now you’ve handed over the money to the seller, you’re excited and feel like you’ve got a great deal, only to find thousands of dollars worth of problems under the hood. You’re out of pocket. You cant get a refund and you’re stuck with an unsafe car that’s worth less than what you purchased it for. A simple fix is investing in a pre-purchase vehicle inspection.

Our team of dedicated pre purchase inspection experts has over 25 years of industry experience in saving Aussie car buyers from making the wrong purchase. We hate seeing people get ripped off. Our team of expert independent vehicle inspectors will provide you with a comprehensive, easy to understand report, detailing every fault or issue that’s detectable.

The most thorough


We take our job extremely seriously. An inspector that misses an issue with a vehicle can spell disaster for a buyer. Not only can a buyer end up thousands of dollars out of pocket, but their family is also at risk driving a car that has a higher chance of causing an accident.

Our vehicle inspectors consider ourselves as investigators. Georges Pit Stop only hires mechanics that meet our high standards. We go over every vehicle we inspect with a fine tooth comb.

Authorised Car Inspections Sydney

All of our inspectors have (AIS) Examiner Authorisation so our customers have peace of mind our team is fully authorised to inspect their car. We are also partnered with the MTA, Equifax and the PPSR.

What Is Included in

a Pre Purchase Car Inspection?

On the Spot Verbal Report + Detailed Written Report (Images + Video) + PPSR ( Car History Report) Delivered within 24 Hours

Some of our competitors may exclude reporting for issues that can cause you a headache after purchasing.

We only use the latest equipment, the best inspectors, backed by the most thorough report with high quality photos.

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A comprehensive Pre Purchase
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free history Check & PPSR

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car Inspection FAQ's

You can technically buy a car without getting a pre-purchase vehicle inspection but we strongly recommend against it. An inspection ensures you’re aware of any damage that can’t be seen visually, ensuring it’s roadworthy, safe and more. If you’re thinking of skipping this step, consider how much you could be down in repairs after purchasing if the vehicle has faults. A few hundred dollars spent now could save you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars down the line.
We don’t recommend it. It’s taken our team years to properly learn how to conduct our inspections and confidently tell our customers the condition of the car they are interested in purchasing. Our team knows what to look for. We also have access to industry-standard tools such as scanners that can detect engine faults.
We recommend it. It’s the best way to give your customers peace of mind and assure them the vehicle is already roadworthy, as well as have official documentation to support the asking price of your vehicle.
You do not have to be there. We just need access to the vehicle from the seller.
A good inspection takes at least an hour and shouldn’t be rushed. This ensures our inspector can run through the relevant checks and assess if the vehicle is fit for the road and selling.


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We are currently completing inspections in Sydney and the greater metropolitan areas, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Wollongong.

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