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George, Our Chief Inspector

George is the director and chief mechanic/inspector at GPS Vehicle Inspections in Sydney, guiding a seasoned team of mechanics in ensuring used car buyers are well-informed. 

With a rich 25-year legacy, George’s crew meticulously evaluates a range of cars, from standard to prestige and electric cars, using cutting-edge diagnostic tools. Their mission? Shielding clients from poor car investments through exhaustive, dependable inspections.

Under his leadership, the team not only conducts thorough inspections but also educates used car buyers about the intricacies of their potential purchases. Armed with comprehensive reports (photos + videos) and expert advice, customers can confidently navigate the complex landscape of the used car market, knowing they have George and his team’s expertise backing them every step of the way.

Our goal is to protect vehicle buyers from making a completely preventable mistake. With a convenient, thorough and easy to understand pre-purchase vehicle inspections.
Not enough people know you can have your vehicle checked inside and out by an experienced inspector. They’ll detect any damage it might have and confirm it’s road safe before you hand over your hard earned money. We’re here to get the word out on pre-purchase vehicle inspections and that’s because they work. They save you money, stress and time while providing you with the confidence you’re making the right investment.

Our Team Follows

The Same Fundamental Rules


Our Inspectors will get there as quick as they can. A seller won’t wait for an inspection if they have their offer. That’s why we offer same day inspections from when you book. The only hurdle for us to get the inspection done is access to the car by the seller.


Complete the inspection with complete care. The number of times we’ve seen mechanics jack up and damage a sellers car due to improper practices is shocking. No one wants to take responsibility and the buyer is usually the one who’s held liable. We also take complete 360 photos of every car we inspect before we get started. This ensures everyone is protected (us and the buyer).


Take time with the inspection. We’re not about turnover, we’re about doing the job properly and catching a mistake before it ends up in your pocket. We’re thorough, we check, we test and make sure every detected issue with the car is properly documented.


We’re true blue and operate with complete honesty and integrity. Every issue, concern or piece of damage our inspectors detect will be documented and detailed on your report down to the tiniest detail. Zero exceptions.


Once we’re done, get the report in your hands ASAP. The inspector finishes and compiles the report then sends it to you on the same day. Like we mentioned – a seller isn’t interested in waiting for your report.

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Why wait? Your seller won’t. Book an inspection today and one of our expert inspectors will
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We are currently completing used car inspections in Sydney and the greater metropolitan areas, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Wollongong.

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