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Enjoy Peace of Mind When Buying Cars with a PPSR Vehicle Check

Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

Do you know what a PPSR vehicle check is? Well, it’s an additional expense you need to factor in when buying it. Now, you might be asking, what’s this expense anyways? Can I eliminate it? Well, if you truly care about the car you want to buy, then it is necessary. As a buyer, it can be tough to know if the information that’s shared with the car listing is truly genuine, and this is where the PPSR vehicle check comes in!

But first, what’s the PPSR?

What’s the PPSR?

The PPSR is an Australian government register that holds details of security interests over personal property such as cars, boats, aircraft, motorcycles and other motor vehicles. It is maintained by the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) and is available for anyone to search. The register includes information on cars that have been repossessed or have outstanding finance or loan payments. It also includes details on vehicles that have been stolen or involved in an accident, as well as vehicles with registration or title issues.

What’s a PPSR Vehicle Check, and Why Is It So Important?

A PPSR vehicle check is a way to get important information about a used vehicle to help you decide if it is a good deal and if it is being offered honestly. 

A PPSR check uncovers essential details about a used car, such as the make, model and year, as well as its financial and registration status. You’ll also find out if it has been written off or stolen or if it has sustained any weather-related damage. All of these details can be obtained by inputting a vehicle’s VIN number.

Checking to make sure a car is free of any financial obligations is very important. This means making sure any loans or debts taken out on the car have been cleared. If you buy a car that has outstanding debts, the previous owner may default on the payments, and the car can be repossessed. You may not be able to get any money back if this happens, so it is important to make sure all payments on the car have been taken care of before you buy it.

On a similar note, buying a car that has been stolen, is damaged, or has been labelled as a repairable write-off by an insurance company can be a difficult decision. You may not be able to get comprehensive car insurance for a written-off car, or the state may not even let you register it. You could also face expensive mechanical issues if you purchase a car that has been damaged.

All in all, a PPSR is a search process that can be used to check the security of a vehicle before making a purchase. This check can help people avoid making costly mistakes when buying a vehicle and help them keep their money safe from potential issues!

What’s Needed to Carry Out a PPSR Vehicle Check?

To perform a PPSR vehicle check, you’ll require the vehicle registration number or the VIN of the vehicle in question. 

Either way, the VIN of each car is unique and can be used to identify it. This makes it easier for the car manufacturer and government to track the car and locate it if it needs to be recalled for any reason. If a recall is necessary, the manufacturer and government can quickly contact the car’s owner and make sure that their safety is taken care of.

To locate your car’s VIN, you can check a few different spots. The first place to look is the registration label, which should be affixed to the car. Additionally, you can look in the engine bay, on the passenger-side windscreen, or on one of the doorposts (where the door latches when it is closed). If these areas don’t have the VIN, you can also check your insurance card or policy for the number.

Additionally, Whenever a car goes through a repair, alteration, sale, registration, or insurance process, its VIN is logged. That’s where the PPSR vehicle check comes in, allowing you to better understand the full history of the vehicle before making a purchase.

How Is a PPSR Vehicle Check Carried Out?

Typically, you will reach out to a service provider’s website to do the search. You can expect to input the VIN into the bar to run a search, and from there, you can either pick a standard or a comprehensive report. Of course, expect to fulfil the necessary payments and give your contact details to receive the report.

Once that is done, you can expect to be given a PDF report sent straight to your email inbox, helping you understand what the vehicle has gone through and allowing you to make an informed decision.

Do I Actually Need a PPSR Vehicle Check?

If you are buying a vehicle, a PPSR check is a must. Without it, you may unwittingly be taking on someone else’s financial burden or purchasing a vehicle that is not legally yours to own. Even if the seller tells you that the vehicle is free of any financial interests, the best way to protect yourself is to get a PPSR vehicle check. If you don’t, you’re simply signing up for the risk.

On the other hand, if you are selling a vehicle, a PPSR vehicle check is also important. It will provide evidence that the vehicle is free from any financial encumbrances and that the sale can proceed. This is especially important if you are selling a vehicle to a buyer overseas, as the PPSR search will be able to confirm the vehicle’s ownership and any money owed on it.


All in all, a PPSR vehicle check is essential for both buyers and sellers of vehicles. It provides peace of mind for both parties and ensures that the transaction is free from any outstanding financial interests. So, never ever ignore this step of the car-buying process! The last thing you want to deal with is buying a car that ends up with a lot of trouble attached to it, leaving you with nothing more than an empty wallet and a head full of aches.

GPS Vehicle Inspections is Sydney’s number-one second-hand car inspection service. If you are looking for a PPSR report, get in touch with us today.


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